news of 2019

News of December 2019

"The complexity and dynamism of life is beyond our ability to analyse scientifically."

Provenza, Fred. Nourishment  

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News of November 2019

“… If it was true, we would not be talking about anything else…”

Greta Thunberg

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News of October 2019


“Science takes things apart to see how they work.

Religion puts things together to see what they mean.”

J. Sachs

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News of September 2019


Welcome dear Friends, to our report for September 2019.


Once again, we thank guests for contributing to the September selection of photographs.

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News of August 2019


Another month has flown by, dear Friends.


August saw us pruning trees and tidying up the camp while middle-level management remains in charge of the reduction of fuel-loads.

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News of July 2019

Dear ‘Kachana Photos of the Month’ friends,

We hope you enjoy the photo-selection of July seen through the lens of our good friend Monika.

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News of June 2019

Hello Everybody,


With the odd 8-degree morning and some mid-day temperatures as low as 26 degrees in June, we sure are glad we are growing enough wood to feed our camp-fires. 

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News of May 2019

Dear Friends,


May brought the start of winter and we were all very excited with the announcement of Dan and Kristina’s engagement!  

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News of April 2019

Dear followers of ‘Kachana Photos of the Month’



We are changing the format of our monthly photos and news slightly. Enjoy!

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News of March 2019

Exciting News!!


Chris and Jacqueline’s first grandchild, Georgia Elizabeth Henggeler, (due late March,) was born on 10th April!

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News of February 2019

Dear friends, supporters and critics,


It will soon be unacceptable for any economist, politician, or corporate CEO to remain environmentally illiterate...” 

Allan Savory at the Holistic Management Conference, Orange, NSW, 1999

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News of January 2019

Hi Good People!


We hope you had a great start to 2019. We all did.

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