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“Perfection of means and confusion of goals seem to characterize our age.”

Albert Einstein

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Despite complexity, the ecological path ahead remains straight forward: Nature will rebuild herself.

As Walter Jehne explains she will do this either with us or without us.


Human responses however, appear to be increasingly confused.

Einstein must have seen the writing on the wall when he made the statement “Perfection of means and confusion of goals seem to characterize our age” nearly 100 years ago.

It is for this reason that in our section ‘food for thought’ (below) we draw attention to thinkers who warn us against disregarding wisdom gained during our journey through time.


So much needs to happen at the grass-roots level that it is now too late for governments and big-business to take the lead.

Leadership is coming from people on the land.

Will they get sufficient community-support to build the momentum we need?


Last month we packed the complexity of our message into six words:

Global Problems – Local Challenges – Nature’s Solutions

(We also offered a path forward via a series of links.)


We find it encouraging to learn that we are not alone in our willingness to name inconvenient realities, whilst retaining a level of hope in our fellow humans to become pro-active before things get totally out of hand. Here are a few samples:


Here is a noble project that some of you may wish to sponsor:

Research Internship for Elephants & Bees Project- Kenya

N.B. Katherine was a great help to my sister Theresa with caring for orphaned elephants and other wild life. In fact, Theresa passed away in Katherine’s arms in 2015.

Katherine has not lost her passion for elephants and also understands that for their survival, elephants and humans need to be able to coexist and respect each other’s boundaries.

Her studies led her to this project which I encourage people to support.

Food for Thought