visit kachana

Although Kachana Station is a holiday destination it its own right we (Kachana Pastoral Company) do not conduct “tourism”. Any ‘paying-guest’ facets of Kachana serve to subsidise our work in the rebuilding of biodiversity and of the natural productive capacity of the land.


We limit the number of guests on Kachana Station at any one time and we ensure privacy.


Visitors get to enjoy Kachana the way it really is, we are off the ‘beaten track’ and we intend to keep it that way…there is no road-access to Kachana.

educational stays

In conjunction with our “outdoor classroom” we offer:

  • Consultancy with an emphasis on ‘upper catchment’ issues
  • ‘Introductory Landscape Management Advice Packages’
  • Project-plot visits (as arranged)
  • Skill training
  • Educational training
  • Workshops
  • Research & Student internships

 (Possibilities of tax-deduction and/or subsidies for all of the above need to be clarified with your tax-advisor.)

recreational stays

As a pioneer of 'Enviro-tourism'* we encourage people to support our work by enjoying some ‘time out’ on Kachana Station. Each guest on Kachana makes a daily ‘Eco-contribution’ of $ 30.


We welcome independent and diverse tour-companies to on occasion offer unique Kachana experiences to their guests. This happens on a case-by-case basis. Operators and guests need to embrace our concept of ‘Enviro-tourism’* and respect our management directives. Funds they contribute make them active partners in regenerative land-care.


Adventure Out has been an active supporter of our work since 2007. 

* ‘Enviro-Tourism’ is about ensuring that some money is spent on restoring and maintaining the resource that we go to enjoy by paying a fair price for what we so often take for granted when we are out to have a good time away from home:


  • Fresh air
  • Clean water
  • Healthy food
  • The beauty of nature

This money is used to restore and to maintain the biodiversity and health of this ruggedly beautiful landscape.

This daily ‘Eco-Contribution’ allows guests to enjoy a unique out-back experience knowing that management is in place to maintain the environmental integrity of the area for future generations. It also allows us to begin environmental restoration in other areas.


We encourage all tour-operators to consider doing the same.