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Projects that are still in the pipeline

  • Eco heard         (written in German)

  • Cockatoo sponge 

  • Eco-Bullocks
    The purchase of an eco-bullock allows him to spend the rest of his life in a working herd providing the sort of environmental services that his wild ancestors would have performed prior to their domestication. (To date we have only been testing the waters for this project. In time we hope to encourage research to establish just how much such an eco-bullock could contribute to environmental services each year. - It is so easy to ignore the fact that in seasonally dry landscapes large herbivores and herds do what trees and forests achieve in temperate humid landscapes. Instead of going back in time with our thinking, we could be moving forward into a world of  abundance where nature’s wealth-building processes are being reactivated! There certainly is no shortage of arid landscapes that could be revitalised in line with nature’s templates.)

Input to environmental topics over the years


How to Heal Country

Chris discusses one of the options to help with healing country.

Produced by Danny Carter

“Custodianship is core business.” Chris Henggeler, Kachana Pastoral Company

Produced by Danny Carter

Chris Henggeler presents at the ‘Farming Matters Conference’ in Albury, NSW, March 2021

Chris presenting in Perth 2018 (DPIRD): Biosecurity and Prosperity Through Enhanced Ecosystem Function

Chris responds to The Donkey Question
(Perth 2018)

Chris presents at a 'Greening Australia' conference, Yarrie 2015

Blower Demo – A tool to control fire

Kachana Gardeners on a mission – High Animal Impact treatment Jackson Creek (2018.06 - curtesy of Percy Sharp)

High Density treatment overnight At Alligator Creek - Time-lapse

(V73sec - 2018.04)

High-density cattle-shift Cockatoo Creek (V24sec - 2015.06) 

Kachana Gardeners climbing the hill for High Animal Impact treatment of the Millennium Project (V36sec - 2017.06) 

Kachana Gardeners: Severe pruning in upper Megan Valley

(V21sec - 2017.07)

Kachana in the public eye

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Without a Voice - A documentary film from Mark Meyers and Mike Brown, May 2020

Small Miracles in the Australian Bush (Swiss National TV - SRF 'Leben im australischen Outback')

SRF-Die ganze Geschichte online 2020.01.05

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The RegenNarration Podcast - Interviews, September 2018

Central Station posted five blogs on Kachana, October 2018

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