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landscape management advice for the pastoral industry

Paying for advice that saves you money in the long-term, is like buying time. Our environmental consulting offers practical advice on land management and rehabilitation.



Our service focuses on:

  • Healing land and rebuilding biodiversity
  • Rebuilding productivity back into landscapes
  • Water-security
  • Creek and water-shed rehabilitation
  • Carbon capture and retention

In all these cases we use biology as a management-tool. Out in the field where we score our marks, we rely on unorthodox rangeland experience dating back to the nineteen-sixties. We use what seems to work best and adapt our management to achieve the desired results; we take pride in keeping abreast with cutting edge technology and up-to-date information. In the academic arena where we clash with conventional wisdom, we rely on our own results and on the results of others. We back up uncommon good sense with observation, experimentation and continued learning.


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public speaking

Members of the Kachana Team are available to speak at conferences and functions.


Topics include:

  • The Kachana Story
  • Why are our cows green?
  • Environmental Literacy – how it affects us all
  • Carbon is Nature’s Cash
  • Less Grass, Less Water

Costs as negotiated. Please contact us for more information. 

Chris Henggeler's presentation for Greening Australia