News of February 2019

Dear friends, supporters and critics,


It will soon be unacceptable for any economist, politician, or corporate CEO to remain environmentally illiterate...” 

Allan Savory at the Holistic Management Conference, Orange, NSW, 1999

Twenty years have passed since I heard Allan Savory utter the words above.

It has now been forty years since I first began exploring Australian rangelands. Of these over thirty have been spent in the Kimberley.

With “use by” dates fast approaching, I find myself analysing patterns picked up in my fifty odd years of first-hand rangeland experience.


The photo-selection for February gives some insight to immediate patterns that govern the investment of our passions and efforts at this time of year.

The following two articles are an attempt to blend insights gained from close to a life-time of studying how nature functions, with an understanding of broader ecological, social and economic trends that increasingly appear to confound a largely city-based political and social power-base.


It remains our hope that proactive cooperation will evolve before climate change-related litigation becomes a business reality in Australia.


As always we are most thankful to all those assisting in amplifying our simple (but complex!) ecological messages.


Our thoughts are with all the other custodians of the land. May the season be kind to us.

We hope that March is a great month for you all.


Greetings from Kachana, its custodians and its workers.