News of December 2020

“Freedom consists not in doing what we like,

but in having the right to do what we ought.”

Pope John-Paul II

Dear Friends,


2020 highlighted an all too human trait: We would all rather believe convenient lies than learn about inconvenient truths.


Be it donations, “likes”, “shares”, assistance on site, kind words, hard questions or criticism, we thank you all for your continued support!


Lower on this page we list the public exposure given to our message during 2020. 


To date our wet season has been the best since we moved to Kachana. We cannot readily influence what drops out of the sky, but we hope that the season will be kind to everybody, as we do our bit to hang onto the rainfall we receive.


Wherever this finds you we hope you had a good start to 2021. For this year we wish you peace, good health, honest reporting and ethically sound governance.


Greetings from Kachana 

Photos of the Month

News & Views

During 2020 messages from Kachana reached broader audiences:



- Via Switzerland:     Von kleinen Wundern im australischen Busch (Small Miracles in the Australian Bush)
- Via the USA:            Without a Voice - the Eradication of Australia's Wild Donkeys   



CENTRAL STATION - Chris Henggeler - The backpacker who bought a cattle station

A Swiss-Rhodesian backpacker ends up as an Australian pastoral lessee. Thirty years later Kachana still has no road access. One man’s mission to bring regenerative pastoralism to areas beyond country managed for industry gains.



Find out more about the Kachana donkeys in Judith Schwartz’s latest book:

The Reindeer Chronicles and Other Inspiring Stories of Working with Nature to Heal the Earth




CENTRAL STATION - Challenging North Australian landscape management paradigms

Link of the Month


Chris: I have watched "Sacred Cow" thrice. I enjoyed it each time!


Information contained in the movie allows every viewer to reassess their circle of (direct) influence and to proactively respond with immediate effect.


My hope is that it will assist in providing rapid change that is both radical as well as beneficial to all.