News of November 2020

“Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex,

the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.”

B. Mollison

Dear Friends and Family,


November saw us get two lightning strikes. The first was to the east alongside our boundary. Neighbours and DFES collaborated. After investing 9.4 hours in helicopter-time and approximately 37 man-hours, after three days the fire was out. THANK YOU, fellows!!

Some cloud-cover and a little moisture in the air had allowed us to be effective with mainly blowers and only very little water.

A week later (and with only 5mm of rain in between), another bolt of lightning hit the ridge, north-east of the camp. Luckily it rained the next day.


After four challenging seasons in a row, and despite a bumpy start during the last few weeks, all around us nature is now waking up from a hot siesta. Ripening mangos attract visitors to the camp: fruit-bats by night and birds during the day. Still, ‘upper level management’ gets its fair share and ‘middle level management’ enjoys what drops on the ground. New growth of ‘lower level management’ is sucking up the sunshine and feeding all the underground workers who have commenced a new season of soil-building.


As we continue with the challenge of inviting others to participate in regenerating neglected landscapes, we thank all our friends and critics for keeping us on our toes.

A special THANK YOU! also to Simon, Mark, Amy, Mike, Steph and Judy who this year took this message to broader international audiences!


May the season of Advent bring everybody blessings and the joy that comes with the message of Christmas.


Greetings from Kachana 

Photos of the Month

News & Views

Inspiring news from the cutting edge of environmental restoration in this new book by Judith D. Schwartz:

The Reindeer Chronicles And Other Inspiring Stories of Working with Nature to Heal the Earth


Thank you, Judy, for raising awareness of the Kachana donkeys!


This movie is now out! 🐄

In a new movie, Diana Rodgers makes the nutritional, environmental and ethical case for better meat.

Find out more here – Sacred Cow

Link of the Month

It is in line with Christian traditions to approach Christmas with reflection about the deeper meanings of life.

Accordingly, we share with you Bishop Barron’s Sunday Sermon at the beginning of Advent: Naming What We All Know