News of May 2021

“Silence is golden but when it threatens your freedom it's yellow.”

Edmund Burke Quote

On Kachana winter has arrived and nature is falling asleep. Meanwhile news from the rest of the world sometimes gives the impression that civilisation is stumbling into a nightmare of its own design.


Just how such nightmares may possibly pan out, is perhaps hard to imagine, so listen to John Anderson talk to Yeonmi Park as she tells of her escape from North Korea and what gives meaning to her life.


Here in the bush, we continue to preoccupy ourselves with learning how to better harness the natural processes that built the wealth that humans have been tapping into since their appearance on this planet. It is exciting stuff and the days flow by far too quickly. 


Greetings from a cool Kachana!

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Explore the astounding parallels between the health of our food systems, the microbiome of the soil, and the health of our human bodies.

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The HEAL Podcast with Kelly Noonan Gores

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'Cool the Planet' film by Stephen Curtain