News of May 2019

Dear Friends,


May brought the start of winter and we were all very excited with the announcement of Dan and Kristina’s engagement!  

The photos in the slide-show below sum up the month.


Wishing all our friends in the Northern Hemisphere a great summer, as well as a kind winter in the South.


All the best for June and greetings from Kachana!

Photos of the Month

Quote of the Month

“You, who cannot promise yourself a single day, who are only a pilgrim here below, does it belong to you to decide such affairs? You are the master neither of your property nor of yourself: you and your estate, all these things, belong to your family; that is to say, to your ancestors and your posterity.”


Link of the Month

Back to Nature: Making money while restoring the land

Going against the grain has paid off for these beef producers and even encouraged other conventional farmers to change course.

News & Views

Our Kimberley landscapes (as well as most [if not all] seasonally dry landscapes on the planet) are a product shaped by nature responding to human inputs compounding over time.

The most significant influences being:

  • The way we knowingly or inadvertently influence the behaviour of large animals
  • The choice to use or not to use fire
  • The way in which humans use fire or how they respond to it


The Kachana Millennium Project (which still has 981 years to run 😊) has been designed to tease out the long-term effect of favouring particular tools in a landscape.


==> “Rest”

==> High Animal Impact

==> Fire