News of March 2021

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

M. Mead

Here, dear people, our update for March!


The focus for March was determined by the wish to attend a conference in Albury, New South Wales.

With nature being fully awake, it was therefore the worst time to be away when regeneration is what is supposed to be happening.

However, we considered our message to the public to be too important to withhold.

(Click here to listen to Chris present at the 2021 Farming Matters Conference.)


Much time was therefore spent keeping Middle Level Management busy and then instructing them to head North and work on their own for a few weeks.


Thank you, Philipp and Eleonora, for babysitting the camp, the duck, dogs and chickens while we were away. The conference was well worth going to and it was inspiring to meet so many committed land managers and other enthusiastic people. Kachana was represented by Bob, Kristina and Chris.

Please click here for greater detail of the content of Chris’ 2021 presentation.

(The 2021-message builds on the presentation that had been prepared for March 2020.)


Overall, March weather was kind to Kachana with a little over 200mm of rain early to mid-month. Then the tap seemed to shut off. Whilst we continue to hope for a little more rain before it gets cooler, we do not count on it.


Greetings from Kachana

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I write this on the 13th April 2021; sitting in Darwin upon my return from the Albury Conference, via Murraway Station (Qld), and awaiting my return home with the subsequently politically mandated quarantine period. Whilst I remain content to update my immune-system in the manner in which nature has done throughout our evolution, it seems that others with less patience are willing to participate in what appears to be the world’s most extensive “vaccination” experiment.

As so often, I suspect that time will prove to be the fairest judge.


Our chosen quote of March 2020 is attributed to Seneca:

"Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad."

April 2020 (at the latest) it became clear to me that something more than a “corona virus” had disrupted what might have been considered to have been “normal”.


After initial calls of “alarm” (which could be justified from a precautionary perspective), political responses, media noise and continued disruption of economic activity (with social consequences in tow) it became obvious to me that some sort of spanner had been thrown into the works, and that we were now headed for a “new normal”.

How long that would take to unfold, and what such a new normal might look like was not at all clear to me.


Questions I began asking (and still am) were:

- What is happening here?

- Why?

- Why now?


There could have been any number of plausible explanations. But it also seemed likely that looking for mono-causal factors would not suffice.

I therefore zoomed in on primarily ecological, medical and legal opinions. My attention was held by those people, that on face-value, appeared to have credibility and integrity, and that were willing to substantiate (as well as debate) their professional opinions.

Given the gravity of implications that some of the plausible “why-answers” harboured, I try and keep an open mind and seek to illuminate considerations from a number of perspectives.

  • Ecological perspective?
  • Medical perspective?
  • Social perspective?
  • Political perspective?
  • Financial perspective?
  • What patterns appear and which ones make any sense?


Over a year later, there is still no “new normal” on my radar and my questioning continues.

Some patterns I perceive have disturbing implications, but it is too early for me to draw conclusions.


Staggering however, is the blind compliance of the masses (not only in Australia). Even nonsensical and often contradictory measures are taken onboard with nonchalance. As emotional and financial costs continue to compound, we seem to have reached a situation where it is unclear which is costing more: Damage allegedly inflicted by a virus or damage inflicted by the measures implemented in response?


The twentieth century presented sufficient evidence that blind compliance can be a dangerous trend. For the benefit of younger readers I include here a link that leads to discussion about an interesting experiment conducted 60 years ago: Events that inspired the Milgram studies on obedience


We can only be thankful that despite many sad and painful corona-cases (a portion even ending in death), we were not visited by any “killer virus” or by anything as lethal as other plagues that we learn about in history. In the safety of hind-sight we observe that (even in countries where hardly any measures were taken) in 2020, Corona has had close to zero impact on world population


As people in many nations continue to assist science by participating in new medical experiments, it remains my hope that we may all become better students at learning how to live with nature and her laws. May our capacity to devise compatible regulation improve! 


One thing that I do thank 2020 for, is the opportunity to update my understanding on virology and immunology. In previous news I have posted links to interviews with Zach Bush who is one of the thought-leaders in the microbiome space. Here are links to interviews with two prominent physicians who come from a more standard medical grounding.


Sucharit Bhakdi Interview – Kinder und Corona Kongress (original in German)

Sucharit Bhakdi Interview – English translation


Wolfgang Wodarg Interview – Kinder und Corona Kongress (original in German)

Wolfgang Wodarg Interview – English translation

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