News of June 2022

“One person can make a difference, and everybody should try.”


Dear Friends,


Due to ever increasing technological difficulties in e-mailing out our monthly missives we are trying to now do this via a mailing list service... Hoping this message gets to you and finds you safe and well.


Some hoped for (but not counted on) rain during the first days of June was thankfully enjoyed. This also gave us the opportunity to treat part of Kachana’s Millennium Project with fire, as well as catch up on some other strategic burning.


The selection this month is from photographs taken through the lens of visiting professional photographer Nathan Dyer. Thank you Nathan!


Warm regards from Kachana,



Photos of the Month

News & Views

“A little bit of light makes darkness run for the hills.” Dr. Mark Sherwood


“Is the world around me going mad, or is it me?” Quite possibly I’m not the only person who has been regularly asking this question over the last 2.5 years.


To set the tone for this segment I bring you Pete Seeger’s tune and invite you to listen to the lyrics that go with it: If I had a Hammer ...


Highschool in the Swiss alps allowed me to get onto (literally) high ground on weekends. Such regular changes in physical perspective helped me to “zoom out”. Piloting small aircraft still does this for me to this day.

So why “zoom out”?

My personal reason: In order to keep creativity in check, I need to keep situational awareness updated. If and when I’m wrong, I do not wish to stay being wrong.

Uncomfortable as this may be at times, I therefore welcome constructive criticism and intelligently presented arguments. – Often this means resisting the temptation to ‘shoot the messenger’!


With the aim to view ourselves through other people’s lenses, here is a conversation that may serve that purpose on the social front: Episode 83 of ‘Good Morning CHD’ with Dr. Mark Sherwood


~            ~            ~

Anybody wishing to zoom out even further, I invite to hear Fred Provenza on a paradigm change in animal, human & planetary health - 123. The Wisdom Body — The RegenNarration


Professor Fred Provenza is the legendary behavioural ecologist and author who has revolutionised how we understand the nature of animal health and intelligence, and its connection to our human health and intelligence. This includes the regenerative role of livestock, in all sorts of ways. And through his own deep personal trials and transformations, Fred has come to embody this knowledge in ways that shine a light not only on the extraordinary regenerative capacities of nature, including humans, but how regenerating all human systems stems from the wisdom of our bodies.

Link of the Month

History may have repeating patterns and themes, but remember that just as two snowflakes are never identical, so no two individuals are identical.

This short video prompts us to appreciate the simplicity behind the complexity that makes each of us unique.