News of June & July 2018

Hi to all you wonderful people,


July saw some family, dear friends and great helpers visit Kachana. 

We spent many early mornings and most evenings sitting by the open fireplace and enjoyed agreeable temperatures during the day. The colours and night sky this time of the year are just amazing.


After spending some time mulching, pruning and fertilizing the valley south of the homestead, our working herd is back home.


Bobby and Rebecca, with the help of Ray, walked in three horses from Doon Doon Station.


We hope you enjoy our selection of photos this months. Thanks to Sarah, Melanie, Bec and Bobby for supplying them.


We wish you well for the month of August.


The Kachana Team

Quote of the month:

“No water, no life,

no blue,

no green”

Sylvia Earle