News of July 2017

Hello dear “Photos of the Month People”,

July’s highlight was the return of our oldest guest...

David was 88 when he visited us the first time. Now at 103 years of age, he honoured us with a ten day visit.


Other news includes Cappuccino. Cappuccino is the most photographed green frog on Kachana. For over three years his primary place of residence is a little cappuccino box. On a lovely July evening this year we believe he met the new love of his life.

Then fate struck: a few mornings later, as Cappuccino was returning from his night’s excursion, Chris accidently stepped on him. Placing great faith in a frog’s ability to heal, Chris gently lifted Cappuccino into his dwelling. After days of looking rather flat and discoloured, and shrinking, he ventured out for a drink of water. Subsequent progress was astounding and we are pleased to confirm that he is again his usual self.

Some on our Kachana mailing-list will have heard of Terry Hewett. Terry and some of his clients have supported custodianship-challenges on Kachana since 2006. A quiet (albeit high-profile) achiever, here is a link to Terry’s most recent brainchild: an Australian first!  –  AMP Zipline 2017  (Sydney Australia; Friday 20 and Saturday 21 October 2017


Wishing you a great August with warm greetings from Kachana. 

Link of the month:

"Get yourself a life; a real one." 

Quote of the month:

“He who grabs a bull by the horns, learns twice as fast as he who reads a book.”

Attributed to Mark Twain