News of February 2022

“Freedom opposed to truth is not freedom.”

Pope Benedict XVI

Dear Friends, Family, Supporters and Critics,


We hope that 2022 is treating you well and that by maintaining a robust sense of humour we all get to build natural immunity to the polarising and fearmongering messaging that appears to have gone global.  


Here a few snap-shots from February on Kachana.


Warm regards from Kachana,



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People searching for critical opinions may find it interesting to listen to the wisdom of eighty-year-old Brian Peckford, a Former Premier of Newfoundland.


Brian appears to belong to a rare and critically endangered species during current times, that is an honest politician who also happens to be the last remaining living participant of those who drafted the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom.


Go watch/listen at 05:19:00 to 06:24:00 of Session 94: Stepping on their Feet ( 


Auf Deutsch05:19:00 to 06:30:00 bei Sitzung 94: Ihnen auf die Füße treten (

Link of the Month

“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”

George Orwell


The idea expressed in Orwell’s words (above), Kris Kristofferson covers well in the lyrics of his song To Beat The Devil: