News of April 2022

“Action springs not from thought, but from a readiness for responsibility. The ultimate test of a moral society

is the kind of world that it leaves to its children.”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Dear Friends,


Early April, smoke filled the air with all the pre-emptive burning going on in the region. This supposedly equates to ‘voluntary carbon emissions now’ rather than ‘uncontrollable carbon emissions later in the year when everything is that much drier’. A shower of rain cleaned the air, but all in all, April was another dry month with temperatures and climate at times reminding us of more of September than ‘the end of the wet’!  –  Karl is on the record for having said: Those who predict the Kimberley-weather are either newcomers or those who have already been here for too long.

We make no predictions, but here is what this season’s rainfall looks like to date: WET-SEASON KACHANA 2021/2022

In our March photos there was one of a butterfly: 

Paul kindly informs us that this good-looking specimen is a Junonia orithya also known as Blue Argus or Blue Pansy (previously known as Precis orithya). His entomologist offsider supplied this link:  -  ‘Onya, Paul!


Wishing everybody peace, good heath, patience and a robust sense of humour.

Warm regards from Kachana,


Photos of the Month

News & Views

People appear to be forever conspiring. – Perhaps, let’s just call it “making politics”.


Only time seems to reveal the difference between conspiracy and conjecture. In many instances, most of us do not get to live long enough to find out which is which.


Then there are open agendas.

Some aim for the colonization of other planets, others prefer to seek out miracles closer to home.


Whilst “stargazers” may be excited by visions of intelligent design via “total biometric surveillance” and "surveillance under the skin", I belong to a different minority; one in which conspirators are humbled by the possibilities of people and animals reconnecting to restore landscape health. – a context in which “Landscape health” translates to function, productivity and meaningful enterprise – or in one word: “wealthbuilding”.)


Of course, wealthbuilding does not only need to take place in landscapes that are already dying!

For example, take a look at how people and animals are working together in Sweden:

Whilst we find plenty of reasons to be fearful and apprehensive as we look at what this century has already brought with it, there are also many good things happening. People (thinkingly as well as unthinkingly) tend to vote with their feet. As in the past, history (= time) will indicate which minorities will end up swaying the masses. But at least each of us has choices!


“If people had said “NO”, then there would have been no holocaust.”

Vera Sharav, holocaust survivor

Link of the Month

Bonhoeffer died due to his involvement in a plot against Adolf Hitler at dawn on 9 April 1945 at Flossenbürg concentration camp just two weeks before soldiers from the United States liberated the camp.


In today’s context, Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Theory of Stupidity offers food for thought…


… as do the quotes below:

  • “If there is risk, there must be consent.”  Paul Marik
  • “I prefer dangerous liberty over peaceful slavery.”  Brian Cole
  • “Death is not the worst thing that can happen here. What can happen is, you can lose your moral soul.”  Catherine Austin Fitts