News of April 2020

“The recommendation to love one’s enemies and to resist evil through nonviolence is actually to dance in step with the most fundamental metaphysical rhythm of the world.”

Robert Barron

Dear followers of our monthly Kachana News, we hope this finds you all safe and well.


Our wet season began late and cut out two months early, so despite receiving our expected average rainfall, we are already dry and preparing for the fifth challenging year in a row.


Corona-uncertainties continue with cultural, social and financial consequences in tow. Many dominos remain standing and it is far too early to make any predictions about how political and bureaucratic responses to a biological/medical challenge will impact the Kimberley region.


Here on Kachana this has meant a greater focus on keeping middle level management closer to the camp during recent weeks. We aim to boost the life and performance of our soils, thus improving water-security in the immediate vicinity of where we live.

Nadia and Bec have been busy with planting veggies.

We are very grateful to have had Zak and Chloe join us in our isolation some weeks ago. They are assisting with the many little jobs that have been on “to do lists” for years!

Bob is seeing to the maintenance of machinery, power supply and the completion of the hanger for the helicopter. During daylight hours Jacqueline commandeers my office for her work with the Department for Child Protection.

Georgia had her first birthday, and already walks around like a two-year old. She helps Nadia in the kitchen and in the garden and is simply a delight to have around.


Nights are getting colder and evenings by the campfire are again the norm.


We hope that May is proving to be a good month for you all and wish you good health during these crazy times.


Greetings from Kachana

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For some years now we have been attempting to inform the broader community about what we are observing and experiencing in unmanaged watershed country that surrounds us: fire is displacing herbivores in our landscapes and we are fast losing water-security!

From what we can tell this trend is not new and appears to be pushed by a combination of market forces, flawed policies and ill/uninformed decisions. Unintended consequences play out in a number of ways.


August 2019 we were visited by Mark and his crew from the U.S.A.

Mark also started a petition to stop senseless slaughter.

Despite having their own noble agenda, and some embellished advertising on the subject, I believe that the resulting 43-minute movie captures the essence of our challenge:

THANK YOU, Mark, Amy, Mike and Team!


Here is some extra footage and information from the journey

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