News of June 2016

Dear Kachana-Friends,

With July we officially begin a new season. This is the third driest we have experienced since we, as a family, moved out here in November 1991. (“Dry”, that is for Kimberley standards!)

Though without the shower in May it might now be more of a challenge. We empathise with those who got a lot less.

June was a month filled with activity and achievement. We enjoyed visits from friends and supporters… 

Thank you for coming and thank you for your support!

The month sped past...


Enjoy July,


Greetings from Kachana



Link of the Month:  Thank you Vendeline!

Trailer of the movie: TOMORROW (2 minutes)

Kreativ gegen den Klima-Kollaps - ein optimistischer Dokfilm 

Movie commentary in German with sub-titles (6 minutes)