News of April 2016

Dear Kachana-Friends,

April brought with it shorter and drier days, and except for 6mm on April Fool’s day, no rain.

One python got one chicken-dinner; a week later Silvia caught another… we heard the squawking and ran to where the commotion was…

Unwrapping the chicken was not an easy job.  Silvia was not at all interested in having her meal taken away from her…

After a few moments a rather elongated and scruffy looking bundle of feathers fell to the ground, shook itself back into shape and ran off to join the others.

No more losses to report…


All the best until next time,


Greetings from Kachana



Thank you all for the research to identify our March-Mystery-Sake.

The consensus is: Little Spotted Snake (Denisonia punctata, also known as Suta punctata).

It is an elapid, which means it is poisonous, but generally not considered very dangerous to people.

Like Whip Snakes, they won’t kill you, but can give you an unpleasant bite so handle carefully.

It has a big range that includes the Kimberley. It is nocturnal, so it's pretty secretive, but not rare.


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