News of March 2016

“Hello!” to all our dear Kachana-Friends,

March brought us more welcomed rain…         16 mm for the month…         not as much as in other years, but enough.

High daily temperatures and windy days saw a lot of moisture lost off bare ground, but areas that we manage were able to hold onto their moisture.

Hope you all had a joy-filled Easter-Weekend and may the blessings of Easter remain with you and your loved ones.


All the best until next time,


Greetings from Kachana


Link of the Month:

Effects of bush-fires in Australia

Fire stops vegetation from being biologically recycled into the soil.

Fire also exposes ground to evaporation and solar radiation; it reduces habitat; it makes life hard for small plants, animals and other organisms…

Extensive burning of vegetation ‘short-circuits’ the natural economy.

Biomass-burning ‘short-changes’ our human economy.

Frequent fire dehydrates landscapes and contributes to the drying up of continents!


Canadians voice their challenge:

Get Paid For Building Soil - Carbon Sequestration