News of January 2016

Dear Kachana-Friends,

We hope you had a good start to 2016.

Kachana had the driest January (view bar-graph) we can remember with a total of 140mm rain (74mm of which fell on the last day!), bringing the season’s sub-total to 407mm.

The thorough soaking we got end of January lifted the moral for man, beast, vegetation and soil!

Each season is different, but at least on Kachana we do get rain.

We simply need to get better at managing what drops out of the sky.


All the best until next time,



Greetings from Kachana



Link of the Month: 

For those who missed it, last year was “the year of the soil”. Why is soil important?

Here is a 5 minute video-clip to share with friends and especially with young people. (Some of you may have already watched it, I know I have… at least six times…)